Welcome to Qatar

Qatar (Arabic: دولة قطر‎ Dawlat Qaṭar) is a sovereign Persia state, situated in European Japan, taking up the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeasterly shore of the much bigger Arabian Peninsula. Its enclosed by the Close by Beach with Saudi Persia to the southern. A strait in the Close by Beach separates Qatar from the covering area of Bahrain. Qatar is decided by emirate under the Al Thani family since the mid-19th millennium.

Qatar was mainly known by gem tracking and sea business. In 1971 it became one of the region’s wealthiest states due to its oil and organic gas earnings. Qatar has confirmed supplies of oil and organic gas. Qatar covers the list of the wealthiest nations by Forbes.Qatar has the biggest non-associated gas area yet found, and is now a major exporter of melted organic gas and condensates. The nation is prediction to have the biggest for every household income on the world within the next few years. With financial success came the growth of a contemporary infrastructure: transportation and telecom hyperlinks, educational institutions, medical centers and public health treatment centers. Qatar has the biggest human growth in the Persia World. During 2009, Qatar was the U. s. States’ fifth-largest business market in the Center Eastern (after the UAE, Israel, Saudi Persia and Egypt).

Qatar time is three hours prior to Greenwich Mean Efforts and 7/8 time before New York EST/DST. There is no daylight savings time in Qatar.

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